Bringing Visions to Life

Small  Xpressions Virtual Art Studio

                    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder....I agree! There is beauty in everything! What may not evoke emotions in one being, may erupt an outpouring of passion in another. That is what "SmallXpressions" is about. My tagline "Bringing Visions to Life" exemplifies my place in this world of creativity, color and yes, beauty. I am a self taught artist, who has many talents, but my love is in the art of painting. I mostly enjoy using the mediums of oil and acrylic. The next best thing is sharing my gift and creating an environment of fellowship with others, wrapped up in creativity. "SmallXpressions" not only provides commission work, but I host painting parties where I bring the creativity and fun to you-wherever that may be!

                       I am the proud mother of amazing young adults and the "mum-mum" to the greatest grandson on earth! I hope you enjoy my work and hope that one day I will be the craftsman bringing your visions to life and/or building community amongst your closest ones, while participating in a "SmallXpression's" paint party.

God Bless!

Kathy V Small XO